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Why Demountable Walls?

Convention meets Flexibility

Tranquil demountable walls are designed to be as adaptive as they are stylish. Providing all of the capabilities of standard construction, demountable walls can provide a seamless integration with your interior architecture. Use standard power outlets and data runs, or utilize highly adaptive Plug & Play power. Our walls offer a broad range of door/frame options from sliding glass doors, reversible hinged doors, and with Access, the option of standard hollow metal door frames.

As your business grows and evolves our Access, Seclusion, and Adapt wall products are ready for change. Utilize the bulk of your previously used wall components on your new builds and layouts. Demountable walls offer a faster and cleaner changeover, which is especially important in the healthcare environments where dust and debris causes extra concern and precautions.

Our products are the most flexible and sustainable wall option for your business, but there are a few other reasons to consider demountable walls for your space.

  • Productive
    • Tranquil demountable walls can provide an STC rating higher than conventional drywall construction. This means a quieter, more productive work environment for your staff with increased privacy.
    • Utilizing double pane glass, our clerestory wall options allow for more natural light and yield the best STC available in the market.
    • Our solid walls (Access & Seclusion) meet and exceed HIPPA requirements related to privacy.¬†Conversations stay confidential behind our walls.
  • Economical
    • Demountable wall products are considered personal property and depreciated over 7.5 years. This allows for accelerated depreciation for corporate and state tax rates, but also can be segregated out of the building cost and generate savings on real estate taxes (Please check your state tax laws).
    • Include your walls in lease agreements to improve cash flow and bring additional value to your tenants.
    • Tranquil walls are competitively priced when compared to the cost of conventional drywall products.
    • Reconfigure and reuse your walls as your needs change. Demountable walls will hold strong lifecycle values.
  • Faster & Easier
    • Demountable walls can be installed after the ceiling and floor are in place removing the need to custom cut ceiling tiles and flooring. Save 20-25% in material and labor costs by free spanning ceilings and flooring.
    • Tranquil wall products install faster than conventionally constructed walls, saving 20-25% of the interior finish schedule.
    • Demountable wall products are installed as finished products. They do not require the added cost of stud installers, tapers, drywall mud, sanding, painting, or wall covering installation.
    • Avoid the dust and mess in your workspace during renovation projects as our walls do not require the costly and messy steps associated with conventional drywall construction.
  • Sustainable
    • Utilizing our wall products can contribute to earning LEED points for your project.
    • Designed from the ground up to be as reusable as possible, Tranquil walls are ready to adapt to your business needs as they grow.
    • Our aluminum and steel wall frames are 100% recyclable.
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